Healthcare Reform

March 17, 2010

PRESIDENT OBAMA is trying to pass a bill on Healthcare for all Americans in the United States. Right now he is having trouble getting the bill approved because of the Republicans. So many Americans living in the United States are without Healthcare insurance. Many people are very sick and can`t afford the proper medication because many don`t have it. We, as people and supporters of Obama, believe he isn`t moving quick enough for this bill to get done. But I believe that Obama is trying his hardest to get this bill done. Obama is also fighting for his speechwriter, who has leukemia and no insurance, and is also his motivation. Healthcare has devastated a lot of families because of the cost of medicine today in this economy. President Obama is also trying to create jobs because of the recession. We as people take today`s struggle as a constant reminder that it will get better. We have seen recession before and we should have learned how to approach it. I believe Obama will save this healthcare bill and get it approved by Congress to save Americans the agony of paying an arm and a leg for medication and treatments for sicknesses and illnesses.



March 17, 2010


It is hard for people to deal with homelessness. However homelessness should stop in this world for people. It should stop because it is not a good feeling for people especially in the cold. You can die from hypothermia and get sick. It is even harder for kids to be homeless because they are young and in a young body. Besides, sometimes some homeless people are outside doing nothing and it’s sad that some of them are smart and have great potential. Then some people are down on themselves. Some homeless are outside early in the morning or real late at night, and some females even get raped. Females who are homeless also prostitute because they need money for them to survive. Those are my reasons for why homelessness should stop. I hope homeless people keep their head up and find a place in the near future.

Young Black Teens

March 17, 2010

It is hard for young black teens to get a job because of first impressions of the interviewer. Another reason is that they don’t talk professionally and don’t dress for the interview. Young black teens don’t dress professionally when going into an interview because some of them will wear baggy jeans and don’t get dressed up. Some of them will come in with a hat on.

Black teens also don’t talk professionally because they will talk in slang to the interviewer. Some of them will just say “yea” and “uh-huh” to everything. Several things black teens can change when the interviewer is making a first impression are that they can say good morning or afternoon to them. They also give eye contact and shake hands.

Summer Time

March 17, 2010

Summer, summer, summertime.  Summer time brings joy to almost everyone, while winter only makes me sad.  That time of year is filled with sunny skies, packed pools, ice cream trucks, and parties galore.  Summer is the warmest and most relaxing time of year, following spring and preceding autumn.

                All hibernating animals travel back home when the warm summer days begin.  Summer is a very beautiful season and time of year.  Movies, malls, pools, parties, celebrations are some of the best things to do in this time of year.  There are many programs for the youth from summer school to summer jobs.

                Another great thing about summer time is the beautiful women change their wardrobe.  They change from being bundled up to wearing small, very small clothes.  From t-shirts and skirts, to tank tops and “booty” shorts.  Summer is a very beautiful season, very beautiful time of year.

                Summer time in America is like the Chinese New Year in China.  It is also as important and romantic as the Eifel Tower in Paris.  Summer time is a portal to a great year.  Many people sit outside drinking alcoholic beverages or smoking outside rather than in the house.  I think they do that because of the great weather and nobody wants to be in the house on a beautiful summer day.

                Party, party, party lets all get wasted.  You just read about why I love summer so much.  Why don’t you tell me about your favorite season.  You can even tell me about your favorite holiday.  I would be very delighted to hear from you.  By the way, have a great spring because summer will be here very shortly.

What is a man in America supposed to look like?  That is a question that most men in our country try to answer by going to the store and buying the most expensive items in the store.  I see that very often in my community.  That isn’t a very good society.  Men shouldn’t let expensive things or any material things determine the type of lifestyle they live.

          Also men have this persona that they must be “hard”.  That is why we don’t have many successful black males who portray positive figures in the community.  For instance a man gets into a conflict with another man the most adult thing to do is walk away.  But because men today are so young minded he might feel like a punk if he walks away.  Men need to step up and become better positive figures in the community.

          Another problem with men in society is the lack of men taking care of their children.  Most children grow up in a single parent home (mother).  Many kids need a father figure in their life because only you’re a father can teach you to be a man whether it be a good man or bad.   Some children act like it doesn’t matter if dad is there or not, but it really takes a toll on your life eventually.

          Well I hope some men read this entry and get inspired to change their lifestyle.  Coming from one man to the next step up, accept, correct, and move on.  Also “take care of them kids man I know you heard Obama”.


January 14, 2010

What stereotype do you think you fit in to?  Is it even alright to stereotype people from your first encounter with them?  I don’t think I fit into any stereotype.  I say that because I don’t stereotype people so why would I stereotype myself, even I did I still wouldn’t fit into any stereotype.  Some stereotypes are good while the others are not so good.  The joker and the big shot are the good and the rest are bad.  They help men’s self-image and esteem.  It helps them because they will work hard to portray those images.  Yes I do think these stereotypes are accurate of men in our society, however they left a couple of stereotypes though.  You shouldn’t stereotype people though because a person can act a certain way but be a totally different person.  That can cause some problems also.  If you see a person with holes in their shoes, dirty clothes on, and beer on his breath you would automatically assume that this person is a homeless crack head.  That man can be the wealthiest man in the world.  My mother once told me that you should never judge a book by its cover.  I did judge a book by its cover and the outcome wasn’t very pretty.  From that day forth I never did that again.  Some stereotypes help people become a better person.  For instance say someone wants to impress a girl who likes successful people, you are going to portray that successful person which eventually will inspire you to really want to be a successful person.

New developments in Hip Hop

January 14, 2010

Today in hip hop there is a lot going on. Raekwon is making a comeback. Drake and Gucci Maine is leading the new school, and Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z are showing they still got it.

25 years in hip hop and they’re still putting out number one records. Not too many rappers can do that but for Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z it seems to be no problem. They keep up with the new fashions and trends. Their music is timeless and if you think their going anywere right now, you’re wrong.

Now the question is, will they make way for the up and coming phenom Drake or will he have to create his own path? Who knows, but one thing we do know is that he isn’t going anywere any time soon. Drake is smashing his competition as he continues to give us hit after hit. You can’t turn on the radio or TV without hearing Drake, but no matter how far ahead you are someone always follows and that someone is Gucci Maine.

Gucci Maine is known as the king of the south to some people. He has been trying to reach this status since ’97. Gucci Maine has been blazing the streets with mix tape after mix tape adding up to a total of 90 since ’97. Now he’s where he wants to be. Who says hard work doesn’t pay off?

The last topic I wanna touch on briefly is Raekwon The Chief. Yes, it’s true Raekwon is making a comeback. His new song with Lyfe Jennings is alright, but the source gave his album four mics so I may have to check it out. My name is Marcus and that was hip hop.

Is it hard to be committed?

January 14, 2010

Is it hard to be committed? For some it’s easy and for others very hard. Anyone can be committed to a job or hobby, but what about your significant other?

          Commitment shows that you are ready to take your relationship to the next step. You are willing to give love, trust, honesty, respect, devotion and so much more to one person. Yet somehow lust comes along and you are willing to throw everything away.

          I don’t understand why people get into relationships just to cheat. You would think the person would think about the other people’s feelings, but they don’t. Betraying the commitment opens the door for more problems.

          Cheating can hurt someone’s feelings. They can become angry, sad, depressed, jealous, crazy and more. Physical abuse may come about. You cannot play on people emotions. I would prefer for someone to be single than to cheat. If you cheat to me that shows you were never ready for something more.

          Commitment, Commitment what is wrong with the word? A lot of people hear it and get scared like it’s a disease. Take the next step when you are ready and not pressured. A lot is at stake when it comes to commitment.

Does the mind count?

January 14, 2010

Does the mind count when it comes to a woman? In today’s society the media makes it all about women’s looks instead of her brains. This can affect women and girls because they will feel as though they have to live up to the image the media portrays. Music videos are one example. It portrays it’s all about women with big ole butts. Now little girls may grow up with low self esteem because they may not be happy with the way they look. Some girls throw their food back up because the media portrays “thin is in”. The media needs to portray a more positive outlook on women. It’s not about how the woman looks on the outside, but the insides matter as well. Also a lot of men would rather call a woman a negative name than to compliment on how intelligent or educated she is. Now when a women dresses a certain way they are sluts, whores, hoes, and etc. It doesn’t even matter where your mind is at anymore. Based on how you dress will determine on how a man will approach you and treat you. It’s believed that men are better than women. Men are smarter than women. Women cannot do a lot of what men can do. I believe people are intimidated by how smart a woman is. Now society, the media needs to treat women the way they should be treated, and to me that is as women of civilization. What is looks or a body without a great mind to go with it.

Before I had my daughter I was out here doing nothing, just wasting time.  I could have been signed  up for G.E.D. classes , I don’t know what took me so long. But every time I look into her eyes it just makes me want to do right.  I don’t even have to look at her, I could just be about to do something dumb and I think if I do this I might not be able to see her for a long time.  I  cant let anything get in the way of me seeing my child.  I think I would litterally die.  I want to do all positive things so that I can give my daughter what I didn’t have.  I don’t want her to be like, “my father doesn’t do anything  for me” or “he’s always broke.”  I want her to always know  that she can come to me for anything.  I’ll be there in a blink of an eye. Shes all I got and shes always going to be taken care of