Summer Time

March 17, 2010

Summer, summer, summertime.  Summer time brings joy to almost everyone, while winter only makes me sad.  That time of year is filled with sunny skies, packed pools, ice cream trucks, and parties galore.  Summer is the warmest and most relaxing time of year, following spring and preceding autumn.

                All hibernating animals travel back home when the warm summer days begin.  Summer is a very beautiful season and time of year.  Movies, malls, pools, parties, celebrations are some of the best things to do in this time of year.  There are many programs for the youth from summer school to summer jobs.

                Another great thing about summer time is the beautiful women change their wardrobe.  They change from being bundled up to wearing small, very small clothes.  From t-shirts and skirts, to tank tops and “booty” shorts.  Summer is a very beautiful season, very beautiful time of year.

                Summer time in America is like the Chinese New Year in China.  It is also as important and romantic as the Eifel Tower in Paris.  Summer time is a portal to a great year.  Many people sit outside drinking alcoholic beverages or smoking outside rather than in the house.  I think they do that because of the great weather and nobody wants to be in the house on a beautiful summer day.

                Party, party, party lets all get wasted.  You just read about why I love summer so much.  Why don’t you tell me about your favorite season.  You can even tell me about your favorite holiday.  I would be very delighted to hear from you.  By the way, have a great spring because summer will be here very shortly.


4 Responses to “Summer Time”

  1. kaoshiung said

    I think spring is the best season. Remember that spring is always the first time each year that the girls come out in their warm weather clothing. It’s also not obnoxiously hot. You get almost all the benefits of warm weather without any of the drawbacks.

    When I was still in high school I preferred summer because I didn’t have school. Now that I’m out, I prefer spring.

  2. Mary said

    I’m really impressed by this essay! I love that you give three distinct reasons for why summer is the best season – and you’ve used some great vocabulary and allusions (especially to the Eiffel Tower!) I really like the alliteration in the first paragraph as well. Do you think that other people would like different seasons better? Why? It might be interesting to prove to these people why you think summer is the better season.
    It’s a joy to read what you write – keep up the good work!

  3. This is very cool. I definitely agree that Sumemr is the best season. I am still in school, so Summer is always the most relaxing season for me. Plus, my birthday is in June so I like Summer even more!

  4. adjosh said

    summer is very very necessary

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