Before I had my daughter I was out here doing nothing, just wasting time.  I could have been signed  up for G.E.D. classes , I don’t know what took me so long. But every time I look into her eyes it just makes me want to do right.  I don’t even have to look at her, I could just be about to do something dumb and I think if I do this I might not be able to see her for a long time.  I  cant let anything get in the way of me seeing my child.  I think I would litterally die.  I want to do all positive things so that I can give my daughter what I didn’t have.  I don’t want her to be like, “my father doesn’t do anything  for me” or “he’s always broke.”  I want her to always know  that she can come to me for anything.  I’ll be there in a blink of an eye. Shes all I got and shes always going to be taken care of