Your future is important to everybody in life.  However my future plan should be great.  I want to accomplish becoming rich and having everything I want.  If I’m rich I want 7 kids because it’s my favorite number. I would like to have 4 boys and 3 girls.  I will want to be an actor, that’s how I plan to become rich.  I’m going to eat good every day.  Shrimps, lobster, and king cobra crab legs are going to be good.  I will help the homeless and give back because they helped me.  I would like to meet my favorite rapper Lil Wayne because he is the best of all time.  My future will be great because I would have a mansion, living large, and have parties every week with all the women. My son is going to be good and have everything he wants.  My whole family will be good and have all the money too.


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