Is it hard to be committed?

January 14, 2010

Is it hard to be committed? For some it’s easy and for others very hard. Anyone can be committed to a job or hobby, but what about your significant other?

          Commitment shows that you are ready to take your relationship to the next step. You are willing to give love, trust, honesty, respect, devotion and so much more to one person. Yet somehow lust comes along and you are willing to throw everything away.

          I don’t understand why people get into relationships just to cheat. You would think the person would think about the other people’s feelings, but they don’t. Betraying the commitment opens the door for more problems.

          Cheating can hurt someone’s feelings. They can become angry, sad, depressed, jealous, crazy and more. Physical abuse may come about. You cannot play on people emotions. I would prefer for someone to be single than to cheat. If you cheat to me that shows you were never ready for something more.

          Commitment, Commitment what is wrong with the word? A lot of people hear it and get scared like it’s a disease. Take the next step when you are ready and not pressured. A lot is at stake when it comes to commitment.


Does the mind count?

January 14, 2010

Does the mind count when it comes to a woman? In today’s society the media makes it all about women’s looks instead of her brains. This can affect women and girls because they will feel as though they have to live up to the image the media portrays. Music videos are one example. It portrays it’s all about women with big ole butts. Now little girls may grow up with low self esteem because they may not be happy with the way they look. Some girls throw their food back up because the media portrays “thin is in”. The media needs to portray a more positive outlook on women. It’s not about how the woman looks on the outside, but the insides matter as well. Also a lot of men would rather call a woman a negative name than to compliment on how intelligent or educated she is. Now when a women dresses a certain way they are sluts, whores, hoes, and etc. It doesn’t even matter where your mind is at anymore. Based on how you dress will determine on how a man will approach you and treat you. It’s believed that men are better than women. Men are smarter than women. Women cannot do a lot of what men can do. I believe people are intimidated by how smart a woman is. Now society, the media needs to treat women the way they should be treated, and to me that is as women of civilization. What is looks or a body without a great mind to go with it.