Hello world!  You have now entered the wonderful world of Michael.  Michael is a very determined person who doesn’t give up without a fight.  He also is very family-oriented because he loves his family dearly.  Every chance he gets he spends time with his mother, brother, nephew and daughter.

Michael has been through a lot of things in the early years of his life which has made him the man that he is today.  Michael jumped out of bed this morning and has a big “grinch” smile.  He doesn’t drink or smoke marijuana anymore because his face started breaking out.  Now his face is clear and he looks like a new person.  He now attends drug classes twice a week.

Michael goes to YouthBuild where he studies for his GED and also works on getting a construction trade.  He loves spending time with his girlfriend and daughter, in fact every time you see him he is with one of them if not both of them.  His mother taught him to be very respectful by disciplining him.  He received several punishments and whoopings as a child.  As he looks back on life and realizes that those beatings and punishments only made him stronger and better.  He looks at his life and realized that he is very successful and accomplished even though he isn’t a millionaire as he planned.

He loves his family so much he spends all his spare time with them.  Especially his grandmother, she spoils him rotten.  Other than that though he is a very chill person, he never really gets out of his character.  That’s my life and everything around it so hit me back and let me know about yours!


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