Do Stereotypes Fit Me?

January 12, 2010

The only stereotype I think I fit under is joker.  If I had to pick if that was good or bad, I would have to say it was good.  The reason I say that is because nine times out of ten, if you’re a boy and could make a girl laugh then you got her.  Funny people are always the center of attention.  But on the other side, if you’re known for playing or joking, a lot of people may not take you seriously.  That’s why you’re not supposed to play all the time.  There is a place and a time for everything. The next stereotype is jock. That’s a bad one because the media tries to portray jocks as dumb sports player who can play sports and nothing else outside of the sports they play.  The strong silent type doesn’t apply to me either. A sk my girl if you think I’m lying.  I don’t bite my tongue for anybody.  I don’t try to be a big shot or an action hero because if you don’t live up to the title then everybody hates you.  And last but not least is Buffon.  I could never be whatever you call it because when it comes to my daughter,  I take the best care of her. I had too many brothers and sisters to not know what I’m doing.


Lil Wayne

January 12, 2010

Lil Wayne the rapper is from New Orleans, Holly Grove with an apple and Eagle that bust your apple for sure.  This is one of Mr. Carter’s popular lyrics. He is the best to my opinion because he has recently sold a million of The Carter III albums in a week.  Weezy F Baby uses extraordinary metaphors, and the first line was one of them.  He has good swagger because of his emotions and style.  His style is bony jeans, small shirts chains, and other types of jewelry.  It comes out in his music because he raps about it and says “so fly softly got wings tattooed on me.”  Lil Wayne’s music affects me to think positively and do what I’m supposed to do.  He makes me feel like making myself rich in the future. Those are my reasons for why Lil Wayne the rapper is the best.  Also he will be a legend in hip hop when he dies.

Men and Women

January 12, 2010

I treat women differently from men because women are more sensitive. Women are sometimes mean and grouchy. Men are more mature than women too. Plus men have more power than women and are a lot stronger. Men are smarter than women and women be tripping a lot by arguing all the time.  I also treat women differently, because they are soft in a way and some of them are kind.  I treat men differently because they go through a lot in life more than women and we have to grow up and handle responsibilities.  I treat women differently in a meaningful way sometimes, because they are acting immature, stupid, and dumb when it comes to relationships. The last reason I treat both genders differently because I think men accomplish more goals than women in life, but women are a big and special part in human life, and also I love them.

December 15, 2009

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