My Days at the Retreat

 In the middle of nowhere in the woods in Maryland, in the dining hall which had white tile floors, a kitchen and lots of tables and chairs. I did over one hundred push -ups and jump-jacks. Day after day I went through the same procedures.

I was really tired of doing the thing over and over because all of my muscles were hurting. And also I had not done exercises in a while. I felt as though I wanted to quit after a while and just go home because I was tired of doing what the instructors wanted me to.

But my pride and work ethic wouldn’t let me quit. I felt as though if nobody else quit yet then why should I quit. So I started telling myself I can do this, if I made it this far why quit now. I started to push myself to work hard and get through this thing with my peers. I also didn’t want to disappoint my mother.

The retreats help me to work harder for things that I really want. And I really wanted to be a part of YouthBuild. It also helped my confidence level because now I believe that I could do anything as long as I work hard, stay focused, and be confident as I go on.


One Response to “Marquez”

  1. Cara said

    Hey Marquez,

    You are a superstar for completing that retreat and I am glad that it helped you refocus on your goals. What are your goals? What do you want to do with this new found determination?

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