Hello! My name is Freddy, I’m a 20 year old father of one, Iyonna. Iyonna was born on August 2, 2007 to me and her lovely mother Danyelle. I was 17 at the time and I was going to Anacostia Senior High School. I was in the 12th grade, and I was working to provide for my daughter. Three months into my daughter’s life/school I was locked up for some serious charges. As I was locked up I continued schooling and being a parent from my home away from home. I saw her every visit and called home to check up on her every chance I got.

After fighting my old charges and my new charges the day to release me came. I then became the real father I knew I could be. Everything went back to normal except one thing: school. I had my job back and my daughter but no school to go to. I really wanted to go back to school but couldn’t find the right one to go to. As I continued to look for a good school I had found a better job that had to do with working with kids, so I stayed at this job until I found a better school. After I had some more problems I found out about the Youth Build, and all the programs that they have, plus the money they pay you.

Sasha Bruce Youth Build helps you get your GED and trades so you can better yourself in life and while you’re learning they pay you and I know no one can argue with that. From the first day I came here I knew I was home. I knew this was the place for me to strive and do my best. To learn what I need for my life to be successful.

The Youth Build program is a very good program for young men and woman that need to get their self together so they can get back on the right track.


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