Life in my shoes can be very interesting in many ways. In life you go through your ups and downs. You have big wins and tough loses. To me I think its cool for right now. I hope I get better in the future.

As I was growing up it was very frustrating for me. I lived with one of my brothers and both of my parents. I was the youngest. I had it rough. Usually the youngest get its way. Not me. My brother had all the attention from my whole family. He always did well in school. I on the other hand wasn’t doing too good in school. I was bad because I didn’t get the attention that I wanted at home. My brother would get all the gifts. I was grateful that I got any. My brother was a smart but sneaky person. That’s how he got away with a lot. I was just out with mines. That’s how it was growing up at my younger stage.

As we got older I learned about women. I have two older brothers who both were good with women. So by me being the youngest brother I would pay close attention. I knew so much about women before I was involved. So I was very good with them by the time I got to them. I learned more by experience. I know so much now that I can’t be involved as easily as others. I try not to rush things. I really like to study women. I can sit around females and just listen. So I can see all the different types of women. I want to know their likes and dislikes. I pick up a lot of information by being in the presence of a female. I think it’s a gift that I got.

I can go on about the life in my shoes, but that would be a book. I had my ups, I had my downs. Overall that’s what makes the individual that I am today. A cool, tough, and smooth dude.


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