Hello. My name is Vanessa. I am a very independent and highly motivated person. I came from a not too good background and I plan to have a brighter future. I came from having nothing but I am going somewhere, I am somebody and I want the world to know. With me and my best foot forward, I will succeed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

I have never really been in positive things in my past. I dropped out of high school in the ninth grade, hung out in the streets and started taking things that did not belong to me. Yes I did a lot of wrongful things in my past. When I got the chance to notice what I was doing I came to the conclusion that I was setting myself up for failure. I was doing all these things that I told myself I would never do, I decided that I wanted a change in my life and my attitude. I knew that I wanted change, I just did not know how, where, or who was going to help me with my life changing decision.

So I started to look for further ways to expand my education, when I ran into an old friend from before and she told me about Sasha Bruce Youth Build. After I did my research on the program and what they had to offer me I decided that it was the best thing for me and my journey to becoming the best woman that I can turn myself into. I am now enrolled in Sasha Bruce Youth Build today and I am happy to say that the decision I made to come and be a part of their environment was the right one.

I am attending classes weekly and receiving a stipend which makes it even better for me because I am getting paid for something that I should have done a long time ago, but I am doing now learning. I am doing my absolute best every day coming and participating in class and it feels good. I am giving it my all and the teachers are doing their best to help me with what I need to make it in life. I now have a better future ahead of me,  It is because of some people that actually took the time to show me what was right and help me with things I need help with: Sasha Bruce Youth Build.


One Response to “Vanessa”

  1. Cara said


    I am glad that we are helping you, but never underestimate that work that you are putting in for yourself. You make a major effort to put yourself first, which is reason for your success. I am proud of you; keep up the good work!!

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