What is a man in America supposed to look like?  That is a question that most men in our country try to answer by going to the store and buying the most expensive items in the store.  I see that very often in my community.  That isn’t a very good society.  Men shouldn’t let expensive things or any material things determine the type of lifestyle they live.

          Also men have this persona that they must be “hard”.  That is why we don’t have many successful black males who portray positive figures in the community.  For instance a man gets into a conflict with another man the most adult thing to do is walk away.  But because men today are so young minded he might feel like a punk if he walks away.  Men need to step up and become better positive figures in the community.

          Another problem with men in society is the lack of men taking care of their children.  Most children grow up in a single parent home (mother).  Many kids need a father figure in their life because only you’re a father can teach you to be a man whether it be a good man or bad.   Some children act like it doesn’t matter if dad is there or not, but it really takes a toll on your life eventually.

          Well I hope some men read this entry and get inspired to change their lifestyle.  Coming from one man to the next step up, accept, correct, and move on.  Also “take care of them kids man I know you heard Obama”.