Being a man in today’s world

January 14, 2010

What is a man in America supposed to look like?  That is a question that most men in our country try to answer by going to the store and buying the most expensive items in the store.  I see that very often in my community.  That isn’t a very good society.  Men shouldn’t let expensive things or any material things determine the type of lifestyle they live.

          Also men have this persona that they must be “hard”.  That is why we don’t have many successful black males who portray positive figures in the community.  For instance a man gets into a conflict with another man the most adult thing to do is walk away.  But because men today are so young minded he might feel like a punk if he walks away.  Men need to step up and become better positive figures in the community.

          Another problem with men in society is the lack of men taking care of their children.  Most children grow up in a single parent home (mother).  Many kids need a father figure in their life because only you’re a father can teach you to be a man whether it be a good man or bad.   Some children act like it doesn’t matter if dad is there or not, but it really takes a toll on your life eventually.

          Well I hope some men read this entry and get inspired to change their lifestyle.  Coming from one man to the next step up, accept, correct, and move on.  Also “take care of them kids man I know you heard Obama”.


10 Responses to “Being a man in today’s world”

  1. Sally Herrmann said

    As a female reading this, I completely agree with all you points. We all need to think about our values and how we interact with others. I come from a home with only one parent, my dad, and I am really glad he stood by me in the good times and during the hard times growing up.

  2. Brett said

    What do you think causes men to act this way? Women possibly? Men do spend a large part of their time trying to prove that they are more attractive to women because they buy expensive things and look good. What do you think?

    • Michael Conway said

      I think men act this way because they are afraid of what their peers or friends would think of them if they acted a different way.

  3. andrew said

    I wonder what it would take to convince men to walk away, rather than respond with aggression? Is that possible?

    • Michael Conway said

      It is very possible because some men including myself have practiced this tactic and the outcome will make you feel a lot better. More men need to leave that old 1990’s mind state alone.

  4. Julia said

    I really enjoyed reading this post. A lot of your points transcend gender differences (I know plenty of women, including myself, who also go out and buy expensive items), but also reflect realities in life today. Have you ever watched the HBO series The Wire?

  5. Often, this image of men is portrayed and reinforced in entertainment — film, music, etc. As consumers of this media, perhaps we should reconsider supporting those media products that spread the values with which we disagree. In a capitalist society, values are expressed through the credit card.

    The question is, then, how to begin such a movement? When the big blockbusters come out, it is hard to stand in the way of the popular waves of people who want to see them. For example, Transformers 2 was filled with messages about women and ethnicity that, perhaps, we should not support. But the eye candy of that film makes it quite difficult to convince new viewers to abstain from seeing it.

  6. Cara said

    Hey Mike,

    I enjoyed your article (it was well written). Do you think the courts play a role in more women receiving a custody of children than men? Is there an automatic bias toward mothers? If so, why?

    I’d love to hear you thoughts on this.

  7. EJ said

    So well put! I wholeheartedly agree with all of your points. It definitely takes a toll of men, and women, not having a father around to help guide them as they grow up. It takes a man to show a young boy how to be a responsible young man. And being able to walk away from an argument takes SO much strength! Anyone can lash out, but it takes much more determination to respond in a peaceful, self-controlled, constructive manner when someone is coming at you with destructive behavior.

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