My name is Elisheba. I was born on July 4, 1986.  I grew up in Landover, Maryland. At this moment I’m in the Sasha Bruce program. The program offers construction training and ged preparation.

          What led me to the program was my lifestyle. I got tired of doing the same thing and was ready for a change. I was running the streets, doing drugs, and fighting.

          I became this way when I was 14 yrs old after my mom died. That’s when I dropped out of school and became rebellious. Some years later my dad remarried. I wouldn’t listen to anybody. I was abused by my dad, and emotionally abused by my stepmom.

I’ve been locked up for prostitution at 17 because I was homeless. I was living at the shelter (CCNV) in Northwest, D.C. I started getting locked up for assaults. I ended up leaving the shelter just to end up on the streets again. My life was total chaos.

I heard about Sasha Bruce program through a friend. I already stopped doing drugs, was out of trouble for three years, and was really committed to making a better life for myself, so I figured I’d give the program a try. Upon entering the program I could tell the instructors cared, and that they wanted the best for me.

In a year or two I want to be a police officer. I plan on going to college after I leave Sasha Bruce. I want to get my associates and bachelors degree in criminal justice. To be honest I want to be in any field that is helping someone. I want to help people because people took the time to help me.


One Response to “Elisheba”

  1. Cara said

    Hey Elisheba

    I am proud our your turnaround and admire your courage and determination. As a criminal justice policy maker, would you legalize prostitution? Why or why not?

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