Healthcare Reform

March 17, 2010

PRESIDENT OBAMA is trying to pass a bill on Healthcare for all Americans in the United States. Right now he is having trouble getting the bill approved because of the Republicans. So many Americans living in the United States are without Healthcare insurance. Many people are very sick and can`t afford the proper medication because many don`t have it. We, as people and supporters of Obama, believe he isn`t moving quick enough for this bill to get done. But I believe that Obama is trying his hardest to get this bill done. Obama is also fighting for his speechwriter, who has leukemia and no insurance, and is also his motivation. Healthcare has devastated a lot of families because of the cost of medicine today in this economy. President Obama is also trying to create jobs because of the recession. We as people take today`s struggle as a constant reminder that it will get better. We have seen recession before and we should have learned how to approach it. I believe Obama will save this healthcare bill and get it approved by Congress to save Americans the agony of paying an arm and a leg for medication and treatments for sicknesses and illnesses.