My Life is Great

           The night was young, dark sky’s bright stars and howling winds. My life is great because a lot of things happened in my life, some good, some bad. In my life this is how it goes, a little something like this. As far back as I can remember in my life is back when I was in Slow Elementary School. I was young, little, boney, big headed, whatever you wanted to call me back then. I used to go to school everyday with three things on my mind, school work on my mind, recess on my mind and lunch on my mind. So with all three things of those things on my mind everyday in school I was great, I loved my little school work because everyday it made me smarter, and it makes me want to do more, so I loved it. One of my favorite times of the day was recess because all of my friends that were in other classes, were now outside playing with me everyday and I really loved playing football with everybody everyday. I knew I was going to play football when I got a little bit older than what I already was. As I was growing older I started to gain a whole lot of confidence in my game, I reached Noyes Elementary School in 6th grade. It was basketball season. I tried out for the team and made it.

I was really happy because now I know I am good at three things, doing my work, and playing football and basketball, so I was like how much good can it get, I don’t know we will just see. My team won the championship game and that was good for us, so I was happy. Now I am going to Bertie Backus Middle School, grades still were great. The P.E teacher saw me playing basketball and asked me, “Are you really that good?” So I said “yes sir.”  He said he wanted me to join the team and I said thank you. I was on the team just like that, and did not disappoint the coach. We won fifteen out of sixteen games, then go on to beat our rival team in the finals because of my game winning shot at the buzzer for three.

 After all of that middle school success and all the glory, I moved on to High School Basketball at Dunbar Senior High School where I already knew a lot of people. Everybody that was there was the same as my Middle School, which was Bertie Backus Middle School. We were well known in School sports, but anyway football came along: same thing, different sport. I was one of the best but then my mistakes started to come around. People started messing up so I separated myself from them, and I was right back to the beginning where I was perfect.

 That’s just how good my life is.


One Response to “Andrew”

  1. Cara said

    Hey Andrew:

    It sounds like you had some really good things going for you in school. What else would you have needed to stay on the right track? Since sports were so helpful to you, do you think that extra curricular activities should be mandatory in schools?

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