January 14, 2010

What stereotype do you think you fit in to?  Is it even alright to stereotype people from your first encounter with them?  I don’t think I fit into any stereotype.  I say that because I don’t stereotype people so why would I stereotype myself, even I did I still wouldn’t fit into any stereotype.  Some stereotypes are good while the others are not so good.  The joker and the big shot are the good and the rest are bad.  They help men’s self-image and esteem.  It helps them because they will work hard to portray those images.  Yes I do think these stereotypes are accurate of men in our society, however they left a couple of stereotypes though.  You shouldn’t stereotype people though because a person can act a certain way but be a totally different person.  That can cause some problems also.  If you see a person with holes in their shoes, dirty clothes on, and beer on his breath you would automatically assume that this person is a homeless crack head.  That man can be the wealthiest man in the world.  My mother once told me that you should never judge a book by its cover.  I did judge a book by its cover and the outcome wasn’t very pretty.  From that day forth I never did that again.  Some stereotypes help people become a better person.  For instance say someone wants to impress a girl who likes successful people, you are going to portray that successful person which eventually will inspire you to really want to be a successful person.


2 Responses to “Stereotypes”

  1. Holly said

    Your idea about how stereotypes can benefit people is really interesting! I think a little bit of stereotyping can be useful much in the way you suggested at the end of your post– even if only to better yourself by proving you DON’T fit the stereotype you’re given. There are always the people who can’t see past stereotypes, but they’re not worth your time, anyway, right? 🙂

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