Lil Wayne

January 12, 2010

Lil Wayne the rapper is from New Orleans, Holly Grove with an apple and Eagle that bust your apple for sure.  This is one of Mr. Carter’s popular lyrics. He is the best to my opinion because he has recently sold a million of The Carter III albums in a week.  Weezy F Baby uses extraordinary metaphors, and the first line was one of them.  He has good swagger because of his emotions and style.  His style is bony jeans, small shirts chains, and other types of jewelry.  It comes out in his music because he raps about it and says “so fly softly got wings tattooed on me.”  Lil Wayne’s music affects me to think positively and do what I’m supposed to do.  He makes me feel like making myself rich in the future. Those are my reasons for why Lil Wayne the rapper is the best.  Also he will be a legend in hip hop when he dies.


One Response to “Lil Wayne”

  1. kaoshiung said

    You’re right. You have to respect Lil’ Wayne. His lyrics aren’t always the cleanest, but everyone has to admit they’re smart:

    Safe sex is great sex,
    Better wear a latex
    Cause’ you don’t wan’t that late text
    that, “I think I’m late” text

    He’ll also be remembered after he dies because of all the talent he has brought to the rap world. Artists like Drake got their start from Lil’ Wayne.

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